下面是Flores Eken的解释

But, there are some things you need to know to get it to work. First of all the AllowDrop property also needs to be set to true.

And the grid or list needs to be binded to a ObservableVector (no ObservableCollection is not good enough).
But in the developer preview only an interface exists for this collection, so you have to make your own implementation or borrow one.. like this one.

One caveat remains.. the ObservableVector needs to be initialized with object as T, strong types will not work in the developer preview of windows 8. Like so:


但使用过程中有以下注意点(from MSDN ListViewBase.CanReorderItems Property):

  • 如果启用了项目选择,并且将 IsSwipeEnabled
    设置为 false,则用户可以通过鼠标右击来取消选择项目,但是不能通过重击手势,使用触控来取消选择项目。

  • 如果将 CanDragItems
    设置为 true,并将 IsSwipeEnabled
    设置为 false,则用户可以用鼠标拖动项目,但不能通过触摸方式。

  • 如果将 CanReorderItems
    设置为 true,并将 IsSwipeEnabled
    设置为 false,则用户可以用鼠标对项目重新排序,但不能通过触摸方式。